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Watch Breaking Dawn Part 2 Online Free. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (also known as Breaking Dawn Part 2) is a 2012 American romantic fantasy movie directed by Bill Condon and based on the novel Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer. The second part of a two-part film forms the fifth and final installment in the series The Twilight Saga, and is the conclusion of the 2011 movie Breaking Dawn Part 1. All three main cast members, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner, reprise their roles, with Mackenzie Foy portraying Renesmee.


Movie Review:

First of all, I must say that Breaking Dawn is a guilty pleasure of mine. I do enjoy good, quality cinema but sometimes you kind of need that Cheese Factor for entertainment purposes. I’m a big lover of Science Fiction and I think the reason why I gave this saga a chance, time and time again, is because I kept believing that each director would adapt in a very interesting way. Unfortunately, I realized after the second movie that this entire series is for teenage girls who are love lorn. It’s a market that never fails to do it’s job, just ask Justin Bieber, One Direction and Taylor Swift. I stopped going to this movie expecting to see an in depth screenplay, Oscar worthy acting or a complex storyline. I only went for the action. So I overlooked the Emo-atmosphere and the laughable reality of it and just took it for what it was.

The Good – The cinematography in every movie has definitely been on point and Breaking Dawn Part 2 movie is no different. It’s a visually amazing movie. I enjoyed Kristen Stewart actually show emotion. You can tell she had fun with this part which was necessary since her character, Bella, is finally happen so to see her smile more than once was great. Michael Sheen as Aro is great, his eyes are very convincing. The locations, production design, and costuming are are very well thought out and put together. There were some funny, enjoyable parts in the script. Most of it was extremely cheesy but I did find myself laughing out loud at certain subtle moments. The ending fight scene had me on the edge of my seat. A little underwhelming but still done very well.



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  1. I love this movie.!!!

  2. great movie i love it

  3. i love it ! :D its super nice ! great quality ! and what not :3 worth the watch!

  4. One of my favourite movie ♥

  5. very touching on the last part of the movie

  6. I love this movie so much and I was llke hope they exist haha..

  7. i love edward and bella i can't wait to reread the books and watch all 5 movies all over again.

  8. If only.
    But i think i come close to eternity with the person i love. i know no matter what we'll still be there for each other. his proved that to me even though we may be far apart we will find each other.
    We are forever and ever babe.


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